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My New Jeep in SWFL

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So after much traveling and getting fired up at a car dealership and having a few sold out from under me with private sellers I finally found my first jeep.

77000 Miles
2in suspension
2in Body

Thinking about diong the 4in suspension and cutting the body lift out. However, its kind nice in the glades having the extra lift out of the water. I just bought a superwinch and some tow hooks. Next on my list is a new top. I've already pulled all the wires and plugs to put new ones in.

Looking for people to ride with in SWFL if any of you guys are close by let me know. I have been hitting up Bear Island about every weekend and last weekend went out there with a guy in a polaris. BTW those things will about plow through anything


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I'm in Naples but I don't wheel my jeep (its still being worked on since I bought it and not quite reliable yet for the swamps). Check out the Caloosa Jeepers club, they do lots of events and have tons of people who go out all the time.
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