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My new JK died on me!

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About four months ago I leased a wrangler unlimited Sahara edition. I fell in love with it. I've taken it off-road a couple of times, nothing too hardcore. I went and spent way too much on new wheels and tires. I planned to buy it out when the time was right and then start really upgrading it. Last Friday as I was driving somewhere with my 6 month pregnant wife, the jeep died on us in the middle of a fairly busy road. it lost power, the steering wheel locked up and the breaks did too. After an agonizing time getting it towed, we finally got it to the dealership. I was pretty devastated, how could my wrangler do this to me.

The service dept said a fuse had blown in the engine, but they didn't know why. I was very concerned because if I was on the freeway or in the middle of nowhere it could have been a very dangerous situation. My service advisor suggested I call Chrysler, so I did. I expressed my concern and how a new car shouldn't be having this type of problem. They gave me a case number and suggested I drive it over the weekend and see how it feels, so I did. Yesterday morning my wife and I were on our way to go hiking and it happened again, on an even busier street. I had it towed again to the dealership, and they didn't really know what to say.

I'll be calling Chrysler tomorrow again and I'm hoping they'll be understanding. I definitely won't feel safe driving that car anymore. Does anyone have any advice, or had a similar situation? I'm pretty bummed out because I really love the wrangler but feel let down.

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I'd take that offer man. They are willing to step up to the plate and replace what's wrong. You don't have a lemon case so you're not gonna get a new Jeep from Chrysler.
so you dont even know what the offer is, but you've turned it down and are pushing for a replacement vehicle? not to be a jerk or anything, but your idea of reasonable is WAY different than mine. if I were Chrysler i'd tell you to go out in the parking lot and kick some rocks. i'm sorry this happened to you, but to insist on a replacement vehicle is asinine. and you would lose if it went to an arbiter.
I agree with the two above, you'd better take the offer. They found out what was wrong and offered to fix it. If you refuse and it happens again, you may be SOL, but I can bet you you won't be getting a new Jeep. At least not until they replace the harness and it does it again.
Agreed - They pinpointed the problem and fixed it. No need for a new vehicle.

That's like saying you want a new house because your window has a crack in it.
1 - 1 of 46 Posts
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