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Re-gearing is the best thing you can do to retrieve lost performance from increased tire size. Your profile is not filled out so I don't know if you have auto trans or a manual. With a manual trans and 33" tires 4.56 is a good gear ratio, for an auto trans 4.10 works pretty well. IMO you do not want to try the job yourself, special tools and specific knowledge are required. Another thing to consider (depending on how you use your Jeep) when re-gearing is adding a traction devise such as lockers or Limited Slip carriers to the axles. Unfortunately if you have a Dana 35 rear axle and 33s a locker is probably not a wise investment. Do some searching on gearing, lockers, Dana 44 axles and Ford 8.8 axles, there is a lot of info on here and other sites.
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