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While looking at/troubleshooting my no power ODB2 port, I noticed this apparently random connector wired to the ODB2 port.

Not all the cables from the ODB2, but several.

ODB port has no power. It doesn't function. It may have never functioned. I've had the jeep for 10 years. It runs fine. We don't require emissions where I am currently, and I've never had a need to use the port.

However, I was trying to diagnose a check engine light that has now popped up and well, I noticed it. Yes, all the fuses are fine. Cig plug is powered. Everything is powered. Jeep is 100% functional (minus the soundbar light, that is DOA...with a new bulb..)

Also, I don't know where this plug would go? Up and left of the ODB port, the gray junction box.... is filled with the correct connections (I assume) as like I mentioned, everything "works" minus the ODB2...Could this be related?


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