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I have got one for all you techs, engineers and mystics out there. Last week I got a few upgrades installed for my 15 JKU. Rubicon Express 2.5 lift (Coils, sway bar, track bar adjusted), Bilstein shocks, Smittybilt Atlas Rear Bumper, Procomp rims, 30" KO tires and SB Rock Rails.

At first all was well. By day 3 there was a groan when starting from stop and a slight squeak on bumps both on passenger rear. By day five the groan was on all slow speed accelerations and the squeak was near constant. I started digging. It didn't seem to be shocks or coils. Checked the new bumper nothing. The best I could do was trace the squeak since I could reproduce it by rocking the jeep. The closest I got to the sound was the upper control arm. Everything was torqued correctly. So I broke down and took it to my local shop. They thought the squeak was coming from the rock rail mount which is also the rearmost body mount. (And right next to the upper control arm) They tightened it up a bit and lo and behold no squeak. Unfortunately the groan was still there. Now I am thinking I actually have two separate problems. Next day rolls around and squeak is back and groan is worse than ever. It sounds like I'm rolling a jalopy down the road. I am at the point where I am ready to take the whole thing apart when I decide maybe the shop had it right but just didn't tighten down the rock rails enough. I tighten. Groan happens. Hmmm... I loosen rail/body mounts and presto no sounds.

So I've got two questions for you....
1)How in the world does an over torqued rail/body mount bolt cause such a racket?
2) I loosened it below 80 lbs of torque. (Maybe a quarter to a half turn) It still seems plenty strong to me. I can bounce on it just fine. Is it safe to run with the body mount bolts under torqued?
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