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Looking to add new tires to a 2013 Rubicon 4dr on AEV Savegre wheels with a 2.5" AEV lift. I've narrowed my choices down to Duratrac 315/70/17 or Cooper STT 35x12.5x17.

Will be doing mostly highway driving in CA with lots of trips to Tahoe for snowboarding, so I need something that will handle well on packed snow/ice. Also definitely looking to take it off road, although my experience is very limited, so the terrain will likely be fairly basic until I build up some knowledge about what my Jeep can handle.

I thought I was sold on the Duratracs, but then I started reading posts about problems with balancing them and with sidewall punctures, although the latter wouldn't be a huge issue for me since I won't be going too hardcore with the off road...yet.

Read a lot about the Coopers handling great on/off road as well as in snow/ice due to the siping. Also, the price on the Coopers appears to be a good chunk less.

I'm just about ready to flip a coin on this, so any suggestions from people who have used both would be much appreciated.
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