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National OHV Topic/Concern Survey

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Hi All,

I have this from another forum I am on. This is a very good survey to take and also add your voice to local/national concerns you might have in regards to your rights to enjoy and explore public lands. Del Albright does a tremendous amount for our sport.

From: Del Albright
To: Del (Home)
Sent: Monday, December 05, 2005 2:23 PM
Subject: Top 10 National Survey (access and land use), k-p

Please share this with your constituents and readers. I am doing a survey of the Top 10 Land Use and Access Issues and Target Areas in the country. Fill it out from your perspective and area. I explain everything on the form. I'd appreciate your help.
thanks, Del
see the form here:

Del Albright
BlueRibbon Ambassador, BlueRibbon Coalition Life Member
State Environmental Affairs Coordinator, CA4WDC
Trail Boss, Friends of the Rubicon (FOTR)
PO BOX 127, Mokelumne Hill, CA 95245-0127
Del's Web Site:
Sponsored by: the BlueRibbon Coalition; with support from the Off-Road Business Association (ORBA).
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Hey folks need to bump this back up to the top. Only 25 views on this one. We NEED to keep these land use issues in the fore front.

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Here's what I wrote:

More Comments:Gave most of the details I thought of as necessary when I wrote the list.
Member of: AZVJC (Arizone Virtual Jeep Club); that's it, even though it's not officially a club - I tend to go out with my own 'group' of friends/buddies that I know. I find it easiest to go out with a bunch where you know everyone's strong and weak points. It also allows you to coordinate the distribution of spare parts and tools.

Comments: Keep up the good work!

Principal Recreation: 4WD - I have a strong interest in intermediate Rock Crawling, as well as milder trails that offer good scenery.

Issue #1: Our Image (broadly)

Issue #2: The lack of NEW trails (broadly) - without new trails, it's only a matter of time until we have NO trails left over

Issue#3: Irresponsibility amongst our own kind; people need to know where their limits lie, as well as those of their vehicles, and not destroy a trail trying to prove themselves they can do it.

Issue#4: Training/education/preparation of newcomers to the sport

Issue#5: Community outreach (push for charity events and such)

Issue#6: Lack of respect/maturity at 'events' - the 'out of control spring break' crowds at EJS, or rock crawling events are doing us MUCH harm; AND they're on public land.

Issue#7: More trail clean-up/maintenance runs!

Issue#8: Enforcement of proper behavior and rules on the trail; it needs to be punishable to intentionally wander off a trail, or excessively tearing up a trail that's above your limits; currently, some people are not concerned one bit of the consequences of such behavior.

Issue#9: GOOD publicity (not stories like 'another 4x4 enthusiast has died', stories like '4x4 enthusiast rescues couple from flooded river', or '4x4 enthusiasts work to restore wilderness areas', etc.)

Issue#10: Reopening of 'restoration' or 'closed' areas after they've been 'restored' or are back in shape to be 'open'

Target#1: Southern Arizona (particularly SouthEastern region)

Target#2: Florence Junction area, also in Arizona

Target#3: Rubicon (obvious)

Target#4: Moab (obvious)

Target#5: San Juan wilderness, Colorado

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JeepCrawler98 said:
David, thanks for the sticky on this one. Also thanks for sharing your voice. We don't all have to have the same voice, but we need everyone's to be heard to make a difference.
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