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I plan on putting in a nice Chevy short block one day, but need this thing up and running soon. I have done some research on the 2.4L that DC stuck in the SE TJs from 2003-2006. The 2.4L has been around for some time and is a mess with all the many versions of, well, everything.

I am afraid that *only* the one for the 2003 will work in a 2003 because of things changed from year to year on the RWD versions used in the TJ and the Liberty, which seem to have differed from one another enough that they also are not interchangeable.

I cannot find a used block or core in good shape. Mine threw a rod through the block, so I am sure that there is a lot of damage to the top, too. I probably need an entire new head, valves, lifters, camshaft, crank, etc. I do not know. I only know that my block is destroyed.

If I can locate a decent block and rebuild it ALL of my stuff ON the block (water pump, harmonic balancer, throttle body, alternator, etc.) all all still in perfect order. So the engine core, rebuilt well, ought to plug into my jeep like a good set of Legos.

How can I find one? I do not think any yards in the Jackson area carry jeeps - just one that the dealerships use. And they only buy 4.0L jeeps as "that's all that sells" in our local market.

Any ideas on sourcing a complete engine from a 2003 (only) TJ SE? I can do most of the rebuild here at the house, save for the honing and such, and have a trusted engine place near me for that part. I just need the core and I can get to work.

Also, what should I be looking to pay for a 2.4L from a junkyard? The more existing equipment on my dead jeep that I can use the better for me. This will be on a very tight budget. Plug-and-play rules require I get one from another 2003, I am afraid. No mods or upgrades for a short-term solution like this. The more I save here to get it running for one more year the more I have to spend on the bigger engine, computer, harness, radiator and new axles, yadda, yadda, yadda...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts