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Hey guys,

Kind of embarrassed I need to ask, but I don't have the tools! This past weekend I had some 33x12.5R15 K02s put on my 17 2 door Wrangler. Saturday a buddy from out of town helped me throw a Teraflex Leveling Kit on. Love the look and feel, but I was told by several guys that I should loosen all control arms and track bars on flat ground, bounce the Jeep front to back and side to side the retorque to spec. They mentioned this helps the set the suspension to the new ride height and helps prevent binding in the bushings. My tools are pretty basic and I don't have a torque wrench that can do 125lbs, a breaker bar or big enough sockets. Plus I am still pretty new to Wranglers. I know this is all crap I should have, but I am trying to avoid spending a bunch on tools. Anyone with this stuff able to help in the next couple weeks? I am in Ferndale and checking to see if anyone local can help out.

Thanks a lot,

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