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99 tj 4.0 auto
Started with one day jeep would not start after short stop,
Towed home, code came up bad cam sensor. Replaced still really did not want to run. Figured was pass time fo a tune up. Cap rotor wires plugs. Ran better but bad miss. Plugged code reader back in said bad crank pos sensor.
Went to jeep got a new one but it would not fit into bell housing was .02 larger then what I had in mine, took it back with old one to dealer all of the ones they had were same size. Bought after market fits fine?
Jeep ran same plugs are white and can hear a knock at idle very lean. Changed o2 sensor changed tps same. Took it to a shop plugged it in came back crank sensor. Ok maybe got a bad one changed again same thing, went back said computer bad, got one from flag ship same thing. Compression is good 138 #1
150-154 2-6. I'm thinking got to be a short?
Any other thoughts?
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