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Okay, a bit embarrassing :facepalm: but I'm asking anyway. Was down under my Jeep tonight and saw some radiator fluid, tiny drips and I've been smelling it a little while driving the past week or so. I traced it to the lower radiator hose. I could unloosen the "C" clamp and slide the hose up a little and re-tighten but honestly the hose itself looks like death warmed over so I'm thinking about replacing it.

So, assuming I go to AutoZone tomorrow and buy the hose what is the best way to change the lower radiator hose? The hose is barely a foot and half long. The thing is all the fluid is going to come pouring out. I'm sitting here thinking of which end I could disconnect and then hold the hose half connected or something upward to keep the fluid from pouring out but I can't seem to come up with a plan.

I know there's a trick to this, I could pay to get it done but it's such an easy job. I guess if I lost all my fluid who cares, it's cheap to refill.

Any advice?
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