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Need some advice on 2 topics.

Just ordered Rock Hard 4x4 front and rear bumper (with tire carrier). I will be putting 35's (GY MTR /Kev) on right after the bumpers (with a 2.5 x-factor lift).

First question: What is the best/most durable solution that people have found for third brake light. I figure I have to ditch the stock brake light and am interested in what others have done that have worked well. Also of note, I am looking for something fairly easy as although I am handy with a wrench, I tend to be intimidated by electrical systems.

Second question: I am installing a winch with synthetic rope, so I have ordered a fairlead hawse instead of a roller fairlead. All well and good. I see lots of solutions for front license plate holders for rollers, but none for hawses. I am curious how others have solved that problem? I was thinking about getting one of the hawse light brackets and just affixing it there.

Thanks in advance for helping this noob.

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