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Hey guys. just joined this website today. have been thinking about buying a jeep wrangler unlimited. i have always wanted one since i was a kid and this was back when jeeps weren't as nice like they are today. here is my situation.

I graduated college with a degree in engineering last May. Have been living with parents since then. don't really have too many expenses except for a $300 ticket for NJ transit for commuting to NY for my job. Another big expense is $200 rent my parents charge which is pretty good. i'm still a little salty about that but i understand and its a better deal than what i would get anywhere else.

I recently took a trip to Atlantic City in a jeep wrangler 2door and was put in the back seat (i am 6') not a very comfy ride bc i was crammed and i had most of the bags next to me in the backseat bc there was very little available trunk space. Because of these reasons I am pretty sure I want an unlimited.

i have a car that was given to me by my grandfather and kelly blue book puts it at aroun $10,000-9,000. i use this pretty much daily but its mostly for going to and from the gym which is around 5 miles round trip, the occasional trip to my friends/gf houses which are all local and the trips to stores and such. i always like driving to the beach and i would like it even better with a jeep with doors off and everything.

i was wondering if anyone had any input in buying or leasing. the only thing that truly bothers me is that i have a 300 train ticket monthly and thats a decent chunk of money. i can't do anything about that however.

ideally i want an unlimited sport or sport s. i really would like an mp3 capability in my dash, don't need navigation, want the power convenience package, and definitely AC. everything else i could really do without. i would use it daily during the week for the small trips to friends houses, restaraunts , girlfriends house, and the gym. Seasonally, definitely the beach (potentially drive and surf fish on the beach in a state park i found), some places off road (which i will have to look for), places i know of for cliff diving in NJ/PA. in case anyone cares, i live in central jersey and the beach i normally go to is belmar which is 40ish miles one way (trying to see fuel consumption).

i really just want a jeep now bc i don't know if i will be able to down the line in life. who knows i might have kids in 10 years and my life could be very different than what it is today. i figured while i am young and don't have much going on and a few bucks to spend, spend it on something i have wanted for a while. any input would be great. thanks guys.
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