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Hi all.
I need some diagnostic help.

I have a 2003 Jeep GC Laredo V6 4wd. Great Car but recently won't start. Here is what I've done so far.
Checked Battery too... 12.45 V a little light but should get car started.
Checked Plugs and Coil 2nd. Working
Checked Starter 3rd. Working
Checked Alternator 4th. Working

I was completely frustrated. I turned car on so dash lit up and realized that I wasn't hearing the fuel pump. Checked the fuel pump relay. Relay was good. I checked the junction behind the rear axle that delivers power to the fuel pump. There was no power running to the fuel pump. I went back to the relay and I jumped the relay with some copper wire and car started right up and ran as long as the jump was in place. Once Jump was removed fuel pump stopped and engine obviously stopped.

I've contacted the dealer and spoke with a tech. Tech stated that couldn't tell unless I came in and had them run their diagnostic but thought it might be that I need a New Power Distribution Center. Does this sound right or is there something else that it could be? What am I not thinking of?
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