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I have a 2015 Jeep Unlimited...

3 or 3.5 inch lift - As I understand a 3 inch doesnt need any extra mess as a 4 inch would.... but does a 3.5 inch lift need all the extra too? Should I just stick with a 3 inch? AEV or Teraflex? anything else I should look at?

I am pretty sure I want 37 inch tires with 20 inch rims... I dont like the big ol' balloon look of smaller rims and bigger tires..

I have 373 gears right now.... I will need to get gears changed front and rear to 456? 488? I want to end up with an equivalent of a 410 gear... (everything stock right now... I wish I had 410 gears that would be good for what I do)
How much does a gear swap approx cost?

I want the FAB FOUR LIFESTYLE winch front bumper for sure... is that a bolt on or weld on? Easy to do yourself??

Recommendations on mounts for a light bar above the windshield (dont think I want to drill any holes) ??

I need to get it all together and know what I want to do so I can start pricing stuff to get to fixing her up soon!

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there is no for sure answer on your first question. you might need a new driveshaft in a week, you might make it last a year.

I would not suggest 37's and 20's, that is a heavy combo. you will be replacing balljoints within 10k, you need to reinforce the axle "C's". you may not like the look of normal sized wheels, but 17's are simply better offroad. if its a street queen then by all means, it's your jeep. I sure as hell wouldnt want to do all the work for 37's and not even use them


regarding the bumper, if it is for a JK it is probably bolt on.

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In your previous posts you indicate it is mostly a street rig with occasional light trail. Why 37s? That is not a "street friendly DD" type of setup. Nor is it cheap. 33s are a MUCH more DD/street friendly setup, only require a level kit (technically they require zero lift, but if you will offroad at all, a little extra room helps, and you may not have to trim things like the air dam and fenders - depending how wide your tires are).

3.5 inch would be ok - as Tweak said, you may be replacing parts like driveshafts and ball joints the day after you get the lift, or months later, it all varies. There is no "secret formula" - just be prepared and ready to replace if you dont do them out the gate (and be aware, they will always break at the most inopportune times of course). At 3.5, I would definitely look at any of the decent brands (MetalCloak, Rock Krawler, Teraflex, AEV).

4.88 on the gears and cost will vary depending where you live - $1000 to $2000

As far as the light bar, if it is mostly a street rig, offroad lights cant be run on the street in most places? If you don't want to drill holes, all of the windshield cube lights mount on the windshield bolts, no cutting, so may be a better idea.

Some bumpers do require that you relocate some vacuum pump that is down there - not sure about Fab Fours.
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