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I have a 99 wrangler 4.0 it has ran fine the past 5 years then all of a suddon the other day it wouldnt start, had it towed to a shop they couldnt figure anything wrong with it, it started right up for them, got it back home, made sure it was getting spark didnt seem to be getting fuel put dry gas in it, didnt work, today put a new fuel pump and regulator in it, still will not start, is not getting fuel, dumped some into the mass air, and it started up, then died, so its not getting fuel, checked the fuel pump relay does anyone have any suggestions on what the problem may be?????

Just went back out, and disconnected the hose off of the top of the regulator and its not getting fuel out of the pump, so im thinking that the fuelpump isnt getting power?????
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