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Need some help with 3.8 swap.

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Just got a 93 wrangler and turns out the 2.5 is pretty much shot. But thats great because I already have a swap in mind. I have done some research on the novak site and the buick 3.8 seems like a viable option. And as it just so turns out i have a 91 lesabre with a very strong 3.8 but its fwd. Has anyone done the swap with a front wheel drive? I am currently deployed in korea for 9 months and my brother in law is more than happy to do the swap. But i need to know what all i need besides motor mounts and a tranny adapter because i am getting an ax15. The YJ currently has an ax10 i believe. Thanks for the help. This is my first jeep.
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This just My opinion but, the 3.8 is not a good engine for a jeep, it has a very hi Tq cruve and will need to reach hi RPMs to have the power you need for a jeep. IMO, High RPMs Kill Parts! Hope it all works out for you, but I would try to trade it for something better suited.
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