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Need some lift answers..kinda new

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I have a 98 Sahara TJ wrangler and I love it to death I am currently looking for a suspensions lift and of course money is tight..I have read about sky jacket pro comp and some others and all I read of how bad it sinks after a month a problem so any brand you all recommend if so please help a brotha out!!
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It all depends on your budget. OME is very highly regarded on here as it rides and performs well. If I had to do mine again I would piece together my own kit using OME shocks and procomp coils or just go with OME the first time.

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Your correct, the Skyjacker Lift is some what a LESS DESIREABLE Lift.
There are 100's of threads that discuss different lifts and the Companies
that provide them here on WF Forum. Doing a search will provide you with
HOURS of reading, and at the same time, SAVE you MONTHS of research.
Depending on the height of the lift, and the expense you are able to, or
willing to spend, will be your BIGGEST Factors in your decision making,
not to mention, Depending on the type and level of Wheeling your interested
in undertaking.
Everyone has THEIR favorite, and it's all based on THEIR PERSONAL EXPERIANCE.
I have only had experience with two, Rough Country, (wasn't that impressed)
and BDS, (very impressed). Budget wise they are close, but I feel there's
much more quality and BANG FOR THE BUCK with the BDS components.
1997-2002 Jeep Wrangler TJ Standard6.5" LA" lift kit 467H | BDS Suspension

Do a little search, a little reading, a little comparing. If your like most,
your going to do what your going to do regardless what your told, or suggested.

By the way ~~~ Welcome to WF, :wavey: You'll enjoy the community present
in the Forum, and expand your knowledge with the wealth of
information contained, and shared within its pages.:appl:

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sky jacket with a built-in parachute :p

if a DD and you can afford it: OME.
not a DD: pro comp, one of the latest series, 9000 are acceptable, mx6 is a better choice, they are adjustable (that might be a PITA if you don't like adjusting the setting before and after an offroad trip)

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Welcome to Wrangler Forum. You will find a wealth of knowledge and inforamtion here.

The BDS lift kit carreis one of the best warranties in the business. If you break it they will replace it.

Zone Offroad is owned by the same company as BDS. They offer affordable lift kits that still perform well both on and off road.

I can get you information on either company if interested.
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