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I took my 2014 into the dealer for one of the "Free" oil changes that came with the purchase of the Jeep from them and decided to have the tires rotated while I was there. 45 minutes later, I was on my way. At one point turning a corner, the rear end felt funny but I chalked it up to the bad winter beaten roads. A little while later, at highway speeds, I was going around a left hand curve and the rear end started wobbling like crazy to the point I thought I would loose control. I pulled over and discovered that they did not tighten any of the lug nuts on my right rear tire. I hand tightened them with the lug wrench and drove right back.

The dealer was very apologetic, but I was very pissed. After they removed the wheel, you could see that the wheel holes were now oblong and the studs were all bent on that wheel. The dealer replaced everything at their cost so no issues there.

My question is that one day after I got the Jeep back, it is randomly "chiming" and the Anti-lock brake dash light comes on along with what looks like a traction control light. After a bit it goes off, but then will come back on. I plugged in my Flachcal to read the codes and the only one it is showing is a B2305 which is a wiper circuit code that should not be related.

I am planning to take it back to the dealer this week but was wondering if anyone has any ideas. Could the rear right tire be related? I like to understand what is going on before I talk with them.


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