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Need Tire / Wheel / Spacer Advice

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Sorry for another tire/wheel question.

I recently purchased my first Wrangler (2012 JKU Sahara) so I'm still new to mods. I know little-to-nothing about wheels and tire size.

My Wrangler came with 18" Worx Rebel wheels. I'm pretty sure they are -12mm offset. I really don't care for them.

I would like to go to a less flashy wheel but stay with the same wheel and tire size (275/70/R18). Looking at going with an Alpine edition factory wheel.

The only problem is that the factory wheel has a positive offset and the wheel would be tucked inside of the fender more than it is. I like the current position (see pics).

What size spacer would I need to keep the wheel in its current position as it relates to the fender?


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Should have mentioned that the positive offset of the factory rim is 44 mm, I believe.
1.5 spacer on a factory wheel will give the same track.
You may want to consider Quadratecs wheels. They look factory but with the offset you are looking for.
You can probably get buy with those tires and stock wheels with no spacer. Try if first. If there is an issue, add spacers.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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