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Neep Help!!

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Ok so I'm replacing my heater core and have everything out and I'm to the point to where I need to remove my ac lines. I have the HVAC system loose but my ac lines are stopping it from coming all the way out so I can replace the heater core. Please can someone tell me that there is a trick. Help me please!!


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There's a special tool to disconnect the lines.
Usually comes in a kit with 3 or 4 different sizes.

Here's one kit

The tools in the above link are aluminum but I'm sure I've seen plastic ones too.

I don't know how they work - the guy who reclaimed the aircon gas disonnected my aircon lines.
Ok sweet. Thank you. Does anyone know how these work?
So I got it figured out and got my HVAC system pulled out and come to find out my heater core is FINE!! My a/c box looks like its been doubling as a rats nest. So should I replace my heater core while I have it apart? I'm not getting HOT air so opinions please. Thanks y'all.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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