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The all-new versatile and sturdy Alloy Roof Cargo Basket with Mesh Floor by ARB will increase the load capacity of your Jeep and help to free up some space inside, allowing you to store and carry more.

The Alloy Roof Cargo Basket by ARB is a lightweight and simple, open type carrier, which offers easy access to your belongings and comes with a versatile mesh floor to provide you with multiple mounting and tie-down points. This cargo basket can carry a load of up to 330lb, which is a perfect platform for your camping gear, luggage, and overland equipment.

ARB® - Alloy Roof Cargo Basket with Mesh Floor, 70" L x 44" W

Notes: Size: 70" L x 44" W.


  • Designed to increase your vehicle’s load capacity
  • Creates extra space to carry your gear on the roof
  • Keeps whatever in stow secure during transport
  • Allows to free up space inside your vehicle
  • Durable construction can withstand the toughest conditions
  • Evenly spaced crossbars support the load which is rated to carry up to 330lb
  • MIG welding is used on the joins to ensure the optimum strength of each rack
  • Top rail is constructed from tough, 1" seamless steel tube, bottom rail utilises 1.4mm tube
  • Rails are bent with a mandrel bender ensuring consistency and even wall thickness across all sections
  • Air deflector plate significantly reduces wind noise

Navigate here for more details about the new ARB Product.​
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