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New audio system help for 2017 JKU

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I'm replacing my stock audio system in my 2017 Jeep Wrangler JKU and need some help with a few things. I’ll kind of explain what I have and what I’m going for. I know Jeeps are horrible for sound so I’ll be sound treating the entire floor, doors, and add a headliner. (CLD + CCF + MLV)

I currently have a BRP 10" sub enclosure that mounts on the passenger side behind the rear seats. I got a JL Audio 10W3v3 sub to go with it. JL recommended to use this sub. The box has ~ 0.75f^3 internal air space and the 10W3v3 is recommended for 0.625ft^3. Including displacement of the sub I get closer to the recommended air space.

I also am upgrading to the Pioneer DMH-2660nex head unit.

Most likely getting AudioControl DM810 for a DSP as I can get a pretty good deal on this, cheaper than I can get the DM608.

I have been reading around forums to see what components to get. I have ~$300 for a set up front and another ~$300 for a set in the soundbar. A big question, that leads into another question, is should I get 2 sets of components or get coaxials for the soundbar and disconnect the stock tweeter? The other question is how should I set up amps and dsp? I was thinking of having DSP control signal to all speakers (9 in total if I have 2 sets of components). If I control every speaker, should I get 3 amps? (2 Four channel amps for front speakers and soundbar, and a mono for the sub) Or if I just go with coaxial in soundbar then I can get a 6 channel amp plus mono amp for sub?
Another amp question, how powerful should it be relative to the RMS of the speaker? For example, my sub is 500 watts RMS, should I get a 500 watt amp or slightly more? I’ve seen advice for each direction, and I don’t know who is giving a better/correct answer.
Any general feedback on what component speakers I should look at and which amps to drive them would be awesome! I listen to rock/indie/punk and occasionally top 40 songs.

Does anyone have a solution to make the tweeters up front have better pointing, instead of at the windshield? Been trying to find if there is a small speaker pod for the tweeter anyone sells, I can probably make my own or modify something if I can follow what someone else has done. I can also 3d print my own if that’s recommended.

Sorry for the long explanation and I really appreciate any feedback and help you can give!

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Well If I was to do it over, I would start with these guys

Sound Bar

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Well If I was to do it over, I would start with these guys

Sound Bar

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Woah, this is pretty cool. But not ready for my Jeep to turn into a transformer haha! Definitely a neat solution to improve sound/loudness though.
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