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Yes, this is Wrangler Forum... but I bet each of you know at least one person with a Cherokee, we thought we would share this news....

When we introduced the TJ Duroflex Control Arms[/URL] and the subsequent TJ Suspension System, you knew it was only a matter of time before we introduced a Suspension System for the XJ.

That time is now…

Introducing the 3.5” Duroflex Suspension System[/URL] for the 1984 - 2001 Jeep Cherokee.

Available in two models. With Old Man Emu Shocks (shown here)...

...or without.

With the wide range of XJ kits available, the question is what sets this kit apart?

The Answer? Duroflex Joints, Dual Rate Coils, and a Track Bar that simply clears. Period.

Duroflex Joint...

The Duroflex Joint has become the standard bearer for on the road comfort and off road durability. The first hi-misalignment vibration dampening joint.

Metalcloak's Duroflex Joint Revealed - YouTube

This video is an intro to the Duroflex joint if you are not already familiar with it.​
True Dual Rate Coils...

The True Dual Rate Coils keep a stiff lower coil with a soft upper that allows the coil to stay in the bucket at full droop.

Read our white paper here [/URL]on the advantages of a Dual Rate Coil vs. Progressive (aka Triple Rate, Quad Rate, etc).

Solid Chromoly Track Bar...

The Metacloak Solid Chromoly Hi Clearance Front Track bar has already been adopted by some Cherokee owners thanks to its extreme clearance.

Here it is at full stuff (metal to metal - coils removed).

There are many other components including:

  • Two-Stage Leaf Springs
  • Adjustable Bump Stops
  • Custom Sway Bar Quick Disconnects
  • Teflon Core, Stainless Steel Brake Lines
For more information about these components and more, visit the Cherokee section of our website[/URL].

And, as always, we appreciate and value your feedback.
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