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Hi everybody. This is my first post on the CJ Forum, I've been hanging out with the YJ'ers ever since I bought a 'square' for my wife in February.

Long story short, I liked the YJ so much I just went out and bought a 1981 CJ7 to rebuild. Lots of rust mitigation and mechanical work to do! Anyway, I've got a few questions as I try to chase down parts.

1981 CJ7, 258, SR4 Transmission.

1. How do I figure out what gear ratio I have? My manual lists 2.73 and 3.31 for the engine and year.

2. I plan to ditch the current 33x12 tires (This will be a DD, and I don't like tires rubbing on turns!) for stock wheelsand tires. I'm trying to figure out which speedometer gear to buy and need to know how tall the various metric tire sizes are. From what I've been able to gather, 205's are 28" tall, and 235's are 29" tall. Right?

Any help or advice is appreciated!
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