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Ok so quick history on what I've just had done. I ran into some unfortunate circumstances a couple weeks ago and sucked up some water into my 2009 3.8 engine, blew out cylinder 3 at 50,000 miles. I just got a remand engine dropped in, along with new plugs and clutch.
While on my maiden voyage I've noticed there is a problem. Everything is good until 2500-3000rpm. If I were to let off the gas above 2500rpm then try to accelerate again, I get nothing. I have to wait for the rpm's to drop before I can accelerate again. This does not happen in any specific gear, just above the specified rpm range.
I do have a check engine light. p0340 camshaft position sensor code. From what I understand, I need do have a relearn done on it at a Chrysler dealership.
I'm trying to figure out what the problem could be here. Any help or ideas would be appreciated.
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