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Hi all - I'm new to Jeeps, and new to the forum. A couple weeks ago, I bought an 04 Sport, 4.0, Auto. I'm still trying to figure out the specs for all the goodies/mods the previous owner installed. It's got quite a bit of lift, long arm, and who knows what else.

I do know that it has 35X12.50X10's and the dreaded Dana 35. I also still need to figure out what the gear ratio is. Let's just say I learned a lot AFTER I bought it. LOL

Anyway, until I either beef up the Dana or drop to 33's I won't be doing any serious wheeling. But, I live in Granite Falls and would love to get out and hit some forest service roads or some mild trails that won't tear up my rear end. If anyone has any suggestion or would like to show a newbie the ropes, be in touch.


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