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new guy, what is diff in CJ, YJ, and TJ models?

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ok im on the verge of buying a new jeep, and i have some questions. first is what is the diff between the CJ, YJ, TJ models?
second, im buying a 6 banger and im planing on putting a 4 inch lift on it with either 33 or 32 size tires on it.. i was wondering if anybody knew if theres a really good brand of lifts that i should look into.
third, not really a question but is there any random advice or helpful info you guys can give me.
thanks Casey
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I've been reading a few strands on here and i see that alot of problems starting happening at 4 inch lifts, such as; longer drive shafts, case drops, vibrations, slip yoke eliminators, and "SYE" (which i dont know the meaning of). Do these kits cover any of these problems or do i have to tackle them myself?
Lol, you guys are great. I guess I'll give you guys somemore info. Im buying an O6' wrangler, soft top (but with full doors), inline 6. Its pretty basic put its trail rated and the guy said it should do pretty much anything i want it to do. Im excited about up grading it over time. At the moment money for a lift isnt really an issue since im selling my current truck and dirtbike. So i want to get something good.

I personaly like to go on trails, and jeep runs in Ocitillo desert (a popular desert in so cal). I've looked at some lifts and fabtech, rubicon express, and rough country are all awsome. So far rough country seems to be the best deal.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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