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new guy, what is diff in CJ, YJ, and TJ models?

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ok im on the verge of buying a new jeep, and i have some questions. first is what is the diff between the CJ, YJ, TJ models?
second, im buying a 6 banger and im planing on putting a 4 inch lift on it with either 33 or 32 size tires on it.. i was wondering if anybody knew if theres a really good brand of lifts that i should look into.
third, not really a question but is there any random advice or helpful info you guys can give me.
thanks Casey
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Boy, that's a loaded question if i ever saw one. I'm going to keep quiet about the lifts. There's going to be alot of comments flying for that one.

There's another thread asking about the CJ, YJ, TJ differences question. I'll look for it and post the link.
Your welcome. There are some true experts on lifts. Keep an eye out. They will have lots of advice and much useful information on lifting.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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