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new guy, what is diff in CJ, YJ, and TJ models?

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ok im on the verge of buying a new jeep, and i have some questions. first is what is the diff between the CJ, YJ, TJ models?
second, im buying a 6 banger and im planing on putting a 4 inch lift on it with either 33 or 32 size tires on it.. i was wondering if anybody knew if theres a really good brand of lifts that i should look into.
third, not really a question but is there any random advice or helpful info you guys can give me.
thanks Casey
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bigjeep said:
i would go with 33's...and when your talking lifts i've heard skyjacker is the absolute best...although its not exactly cheap it is pretty complete and it flexes awesome and is tough and durable and havent heard complaints...but then again fabtech and rubicon express are good too...and rough country standard 4 inch is only 500 dollars and is complete with everything and the only bad thing i've heard is a rough ride which i dont think is a big deal
TJ = 97-06 round headlights
YJ = 87-95 square headlights
CJ = 86 and earlier round headlights
any questions on the lift just ask
Dude, I don't know who you been talking to, but out here there isn't a good thing said at all about SkyCrapper. I think their springs are weak and start to sag much quicker than anyone elses. That's why on my lift when it was time to choose springs I went with RE Springs over SkyJacker.

Rubicon Express Lifts won't let you down. Also a few of the guys on here have been using the Rough Country lifts with little or no problems and they like the ride a lot. I don't run one, but I am very impressed with what I see out of Rock Krawler these days. They are putting together some nice products. I have installed this long arm and it's definitely some tough stuff (How can't it be with solid stock arms :D)

With the lifts these days you get what you pay for. There's some school of thought that says to piece together good pieces from different manufacturers (I know that Clifford's buddies at DPG sell some nice packages in this regard) and then there's a school of thought that says a lift manufacturer has designed his pieces of equipment to work hand in hand with each other and hence using another manufacturers equipment lessens the ability of the particular suspension to function in it's prime condition.

It really all depends on how extreme you want to go with it. There's a piece of equipment for every whim you have and more fab shops that can build you whatever you want. You will however have fun with whatever you use. IMO a good shock is the key to lifting your vehicle and driving it still on the street with some comfort.
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