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New guy with a couple questions?

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Im new to the forums but not new to jeeps. I plan on buying a new vechicle in july and im doing some research. Now a couple questions should i order a brand new jeep wrangler rubicon or go with a used rubicon? I live in the catskill mountains of new york. What kind of gas mileage are you guys geting with yours? What tranny is best the standard or auto? What top would be the best? Im a college kid im 18 so I need to figure out everything as of now. thanks sorry for the long post!
- Don
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We are going to need a bit more information from you. What is your budget? How soon do you plan to start the modifications (if you have a plan yet)? What body style do you like (the new JK is only available in an '07 model year)? As for the auto vs. manual debate, you will get as many different opinions as you get answers. I like my manual, but will be doing an auto swap as soon as funds allow, but that is for more control on the rocks, I like the manual around town a lot, gives me something to do while driving.:D As for mileage, expect somewhere in the mid to upper teens depending on what modifications you make.
I cant answer any of the other questions for you, since I have an older TJ but I can answer the one about gas mileage with the older Rubicons.

It seems to vary (obviously based on driver). I seem to be getting 17.5 with the top up, 13.5 with the top down, and 14.5 with the top down and the back seat out of the vehicle, or even tumbled forward.

Latley I have been riding with no doors and no windows but the top up, kind of like a bikini top, and I seem to be getting closer to the 17 than the 13.

Some people claim to get 18 with the top up, but thats usually about as high as you can get a Rubicon p**** footing it. Some say they get 14-16 regardless if the top is up or down. YRMV

Its not great, but its not an 8.1L crew cab long bed pick up either. If gas is an issue, get Jeep out of your head right now. Its my ONLY complaint with the rubicon (which by the way is going to get worse gas mileage than a sport because of the gearing). A 6 spd(05-06) also gets slightly worse gas mileage than the 5spd(97-04) because of that .86 sixth gear. Although the 5.06:1 1st gear is real nice :) (nice in rocks/hills off road).

As far as Manual Vs. Automatic.. well I dont know much about the new one but as far as old TJs go this is how I think of it.

For rock climbing, or strictly a mall cruiser that wont really see off road (basically NO mud/water) Automatic and manual is kind of personal preference.

For mud and water crossings (like on most the east coast..) manuals are better because automatics HATE water. If you get some water in an automatic transmission, its likley to not get you off the trail and be a costly repair. A manual will atleast get ya home :) Your cons with manuals are obvious, traffic stinks, injuries stink, but you gain lots of control off road :)

Its all personal preference I think. But anywho, someone will chime in with the new JK stuff soon, I dont want to give you false info. BTW, Welcome to WF!!
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Yea price isnt really a problem. Im not going to mod it to death. Im kind of stuck between a nice truck, a jeep , or some fast car. In all reality the car would be best 28 mpg high way 22 around town would be perfect. We get alot of snow up here and I will miss 4x4 in the winter. So im kind of stuck on what to do. I was thinking of going like subaru sti awd car. A jeep seems to fit my needs to a T but the mpg with it!
Subaru or Mitsubish Lancer also sound like pretty good options for your. Decent tires, keep the boost down, and youll be getting good mpg and wont get stuck in snow too easily.

Jeeps are great, I love mine, but you either love them or hate them, and you will know as soon as you get up to 15mph on a test drive weither you love it or hate it. Gas sucks though. Really. 250 miles on 55 bucks right now at 3.15 a gallon. If gas is a concern for you, you really should think about your decision wisely :)

My .02
Yea price isnt really a problem.
Mom and dad must be doing very well in life.
Mom and dad must be doing very well in life.
No its called work, maybe you should give it a shot?

Yea the STI and Lancer seem like a good option to but 0-60 in 4.5 seconds wow. Thanks for your comments guys. I apperciate it. I dont have to much money thats why im worried about gas, if i had alot of money i wouldnt worry at all but intill im out of college gas=problem.
ok, i know i may get some dirty looks but i am just throwing it out there for conversation sake... 2 cars if possible you can pick up a used wrangler thats kinda beat up. if your gonna beat the pi$$ out of it anyhow get a beater, heck, my dad has been driving a Chevy Tracker for the past 8 years. loves it, gets about 24 mph and with a good set of tires and a body lift you can go, and i hate to say it.... you can go anywhere a bone stock wrangler with a 4 banger in it.... you can get a old tracker for cheap or an old samuri. Then get you a little sports car to get the milage out of..

just a thought, my jk gets about 15mph city and maybe 18 with cruise
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