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Speaking from experience, not speculation... working PT at HF.. I judge quality based on how often something gets returned. There are a few brands you couldn't pay me to own and others that keep on ticking away, often by guys who are not repspectful to their tools anyway.

With that said, I have never seen any of those lights returned to our store. Is it because they get used so little no one has the chance to know if they work or not or is it simply because they work? Don't know but, I've never seen one returned.

However... the units are enormous. Better suited aesthetically to a full size pickup and not a Jeep.

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Wait, you're supposed to actually turn on led lights?
I thought they were just Jeep Jewellery...

I say this as I have a pair of 7" Hellas and a pair of 3" Rigid cubes that do get used in the Dark nights of Maine.
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