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New Jeep owner on the scene!

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Hey guys,

First off I am super excited to join the Wrangler club! Recently purchased my first Jeep...It is an '04 Wrangler X - Columbia Edition.

At this point it is pretty much stock except for it does have 31x10.5 BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A s on it. 15" gunsmoke rims on it right now (will probably at some point make a change to some black rims with 33s).

Had a couple of questions to the forum. I have always been a Mobil 1 full synthetic oil guy with FRAM filters for my daily driver (I know have heard to steer clear of FRAM - will moving forward). The wrangler has a little shy of 150k miles on it. So with its first oil change I went with Castrol GTX 10x30 synthetic blend with a Bosch Distance Plus.

Any thoughts on using different oil/filter type?

Also, plan to full deck this sucker out (in time of course). Will not being doing big time mudding/off-roading, but am looking into the 4.25" combo kit from Zone (3" spring, 1.25 body). I hear it is a nice package for a good price. Looking for something that can fit 33s and have the possibility for 35s...not sure this is the case with that kit. Any thoughts on this kit?

Another question, my jeep is yellow so I would love to paint the springs and that okay to do or will it cause issues? specific paint type to use?

Thanks guys! Looking forward to many great discussions! I included a picture of my jeep, love this thing!


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Nice Rig! Congrats! I went with the Zone combo, and have no regrets thus far. It rides great! Also I wanted it for the option to install a tummy tuck in the future, and possibly 35's at some point (may have to go with flat fenders for that, not sure).
Great looking ride! I shopped two Columbia Editions just a couple weeks ago. I was 1 day away from purchasing, till I found the LJ that I ended up with. I like the Columbia interior. Be sure to check the thread that has all the interior parts painted (Parts of the doors, and dash). There are a few yellow jeeps in there, that look FANTASTIC.
Congrats!! Just had a Zone 3" lift put on. 33" Duratracs and MB TKO wheels. Hit 70 mph on the highway (i think that's top speed unless i was going down hill, lol). Not a shimmy or shake, smooth as can be. Land vehicle Vehicle Car Jeep Automotive tire
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