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Hi I plan to change alle the speakers in my 2012 JK unlimited....
It will be JL AUDIO C3 650 in the front and the soundbar......Those speaker are gonna fit.....
But I hesitate to put JL AUDIO C5 650 in the front ,does the extra 100$ worth it vs the C3....
For the sub I would love to add the stealthbox from JL AUDIO for the 2007 and over subwoofer but I think they overproced the box himsel.....I can bought the subwoofer alone and put it under the rear seat.....What do you think about this........any better idea !

P.S I hesitate in HERTZ product for the speaker,what do you think about this compagny ,never add the chance to listen those HSK and ESK line
1 - 2 of 2 Posts