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New (to me) Jeep Purchases, Found Oil Leak

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New here! I bought a secondhand 2008 2dr as a pet project. I've owned a couple Wranglers in the past, but this is the first time I'm doing well enough at work that I can afford to mod the vehicle. Plan is restore/replace/upgrade all the core components then lift it with some new shoes. Got it home and noticed a drop on the driveway, and crawling under I saw what I initially thought was a dirty transmission leak, but upon further review it may be oil dripping down from the oil pan as that's wet. Thoughts on this? I am hoping its the oil pan as that gasket will be an easier DIY task than taking apart a trans.

Hoping to make some friends here, looking forward to building the Jeep I've never been able to do afford before!

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Noted, thanks.
I'm gonna clean it down and run it up to see where it's coming from. I've had my share of 'good enough' Wranglers in the past, I want something I can be proud of for keeping in top shape. I will look at the bolts.
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