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ok, so i bought a 4.0 5 speed yj about a week ago. the guy bought it from owns his own offroad fab shop/mechanics. this was his sons jeep, he said they have replaced the rear main seal, the oil pan seal, the tranny seal, put all new pads and rotors on it, flushed the engine, flushed the radiator, newer shocks, 2.5 inch lift(said it was a rough country brand), 17 inch wheels with 255 bfg km mud tires. dont know if it was a mistake buying leaf springs or not. want to build it for beach/sand and trail riding. will have to drive a few hours to both since the only thing around here is marshy/muddy flat land and i just dont see the fun in tearing up a muddy puddle until i get stuck and suck in water.

1995 wrangler
5 speed
roughly 160k on the clock
blackw/tan interior

straight body
mechanically sound
4x4 works in hi and lo
4x2 works
very little to no rust
a/c and heat both work
still has rear bench seat
honestly, looks to be all original

speedometer/tac/odometer intermittent (going to have to shoot wiring)
driver rear brake cylinder leaks (already got new cyinder to replace it with)
windshield wiper motor clocked wrong
feels as if theres no suspension at all

would like to:
4 inch lift( softer springs, adjustable drag links, pitman drop, hydro shocks)
33x12.5 bfg km2 or km3 (v8 xj/zj steering arm, better steering dampener?)
steel wheels
9k winch
fab up a panel for accessory rocker switches and usb charger ports
get rid of the hard top and go to a soft top
remove carpet and bedline inside

any pointers/tips, decent affordable lift kits to look at, etc. would be appreciated.

ive owned a 4.0 5spd 97 tj lifted 4 inches, 33s on 15 inch steelies, 9k winch, and an orf stinger front bumper a couple years back and would love to get it to preform like it did.


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