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This is my 4th car but my first jeep and i have to say its a great college car and man does it feel great to just simply drive this car.

Its a 2007 2dr Black JK with half doors:punk: and 4.10 gear:happyyes: has new hanook atm tires aswell

I have added a few little things so far like the shorty antena, tinted the lights, mesh grille, and painted the tow hooks red.

I am home and working for the summer so their will be a lot to come
Wanted parts:
JEGS "soft 8s"
pavement ends front bumper
light bar
2.5 lift
1inch body lift
and much more

I love feedback and look forward to all the mods to come for right now i am enjoying it and plan on enjoying it thorugh all the stages in its journey to becoming one of a kind.

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Good luck with the build, it looks like it will be fun!
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