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Hi All,

I'm new to the world of jeep. Always thought about owning a Wrangler at some point and I think it's about time that I start looking into it. This is my second car but will be used as much as the first since both my wife and I work. We both love the idea of Wrangler for a second car with 4 doors (specifically for the 21 month old).

Now, with that said, these forums have overwhleming amount of information so I apologize for the questions which everyone asks in advance. A few that I have in mind:

1) Budget is an issue so I would be looking at the used market. If so, given it's 2017, how far back should I go if I'm looking into used market. It seems like the "JK" version, it has been 10 years so is it fair to say that I should stick with this version and go all the way back to 2007?

2) How is the maintenance on these machines? Something that old with no warranty, should I even look that way? I can do some basic stuff myself but if the engine goes bust, I'm done lol.

3) Continuing on the same topic as 2, is it a good purchase for long-term? e.g. there are some car makes, where one should not even think about owning without OEM or extended warranty. how does it work in the world of Wranglers?

4) In terms of the models, it seems like any with "Unlimited" in the name tend to have 4 doors. Is that understanding correct?

5) Models include: 1) Unlimited Sport S 2) Unlimited Willys Wheeler 3) Unlimited Sahara 4)Unlimited Rubicon. Ofcourse the price increases quite a bit from 1 to 4, but with that said, reading the specifications, they sound too technical. This would almost be a daily driver with off-roading very rarely. Should I consider one model over another whether looking at it new or used? I would likely upgrade wheels and a few other things aftermarket.

Thanks for taking the time to read. Looking forward to responses!
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