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First post here in the CJ section. I've been around for about a year on this site, posting about my 5.9L swap in a '98 TJ.

I just got that running (not driveable)and decided to put it away for now and get something else, so I just got a sand rail with a Dauntless 225, I've verified this by the engine casting number.

The engine is having some issues, mainly lots of smoke from the even bank of cylinders. It has true dual exhaust, so it is easy to tell where the issue is. I've not personally done a compression test yet, will do that in a day or so. The previous owner sent me pics of a compression test from all 6 cylinders and it showed about 90 psi all around.

If the previous test is good, then I'm thinking it's the valve seals and it appears there are no factory seals on this engine. I've come across mixed reviews about the umbrella type. What are some thoughts on this.

Also, I can do a basic engine rebuild like new rings and bearing and re-seat the valves as another option.

Another way to go is to put in a 231 if I can find one. Will the 231 bolt up in place of the 225? And will it matter if the 231 is odd or even fire. Will a new chevy 3.8L bolt up?

Currently it has the old air-cooled VW bug trany to an adopter to the 225.

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