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Anyone dreams about a new XJ? How would you like it to be?
Here is my list:

  • lighter than the existing one. So no more than 1.4 tonnes. 1.3 tonnes ideally. (they make them heavier - is crazy - even with modern technology they cant make them lighter.. )
  • dimensions - pretty much same length and width only much taller.
The inside height I think is one of the biggest issue of this car.
So the new XJ should have least 10 cm if not 20 cm more interior head room. (and thus better driving position - you are sitting so cramped there...)
Also if taller, the rear passengers could sit better..
  • design-wise no changes are required for me. If they do exactly same design I am perfectly fine. I imagine they will try to modernize it a bit but I wont buy it if it looks like a round spaceship. It needs to be square.
  • no features required. Actually no features please. No infotainment screen.
  • all 4 seats fold and make bed for 2 persons (I dream about this in every car)
something like this toyota tj cruiser concept
- 4x4 transmission and lockers of course.

Good to have
  • bigger wheels. But considering the weight will be smaller I doubt they can do this.
  • very rugged. Same issue - because of the weight I am not sure they can do this.
  • should be marketed as an utility vehicle for police, farmers etc. So should be light, reliable, capable and have no fancy features.
  • very cheap.
If you ask me, just make the cabin taller and put a better engine in the existing one and I am fine.

Oh - and this will sell like crazy in Europe because it will be a small, good and light 4x4
It wont look crazy as a wrangler - it could be your daily town family car which you can take camping.
This will sell like the new Jimny. You wont be able to produce them as they sell.
You know you have to wait like 6 months to buy a new Jimny?
Just make a 4x4 light and square.

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make a XJ like they were in 95 with the HO. Throw in a version like the ford sport crack. D44.s and not built or engineered by Fiat or Puke'o
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