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I just bought a 1989 yj jeep W/ some mods.
1. Holley Carb
2. MDS electronic ignition
3. Headlights changed to just change bulb insert
4. Tail light ? who knows why...
5. 2" bl
Ok here goes. when i tried to shift the transfer case it seems to only shift down once into Neutral and then down once more into 4 lo. On the way back up it only goes one click to what i beleive is 4 hi. Is this possible or could the bl be interfearing with the shift or bad transfer case. Also there is no shift pattern but i beleive 2 hi is 2 clicks up past Nuetral. Old owner real real honest guy says he has never even tried 4 wheel drive and i do believe him. sorry 1st post and i am handy but deff. A newb. I owned 2 jeeps before an 83 cj and an 85 cj but sold them both in perfect condition.
sorry for the spelling
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