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So ive come to my sense it seems and have become ADDICTED to jeeps. Ive been really wanting one for a while now since I'm old enough to drive, but I really don't know which one to look into. I want to be able to drive it day to day but would like it to handle some off roading. I also have little clue on what yk Jk ci etc. means. Also, if I get a jeep, I would want to lift it just a bit, not rock climber high, but just a little. I would also like to get larger tires and rims to match the lift. But for now, I just want to get a jeep. If you could be as detailed as you can and explain in "English" that would be fantastic. thanks!
Man. Wish it was that simple. It would take a novel-length post to just give you the basics on what you can do with your Jeep. And that's if we knew which YM you were gonna buy.

Best suggestion, read as much as you can. It's like being back in lie. There's homework. Everything you do to a Jeep is, in some way, a trade off. Wanna get a lift? You'll have to give something up...power, mileage, reliability. Everything has consequences. That's just the way it works. Kinda like life.

Welcome to WF.
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