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Is boring out the throttle body on my 4.0 worth messing with? Ive seen after market throttle bodies for $300 +. Just wondering if it makes enough of a difference to bore mine or replace.
the bored throttle body only helps throttle response, nothing else. more air gets past the blade quicker because the orifice is larger for any given blade position. it won't give you any noticable increase in power....unless you're doing other worthwhile mods too, like a supercharger, turbo, stroker or cam & head work.

to me, it's only worth it if you have the 00+ new style intake manifold and if you pay less than about $100 for the 62/63mm bored throttle body. remember the intake manifold opening is only 62mm anyway.

I run a 62/63mm throttle body bought from Ebay. I like the throttle response and more air because I typically drive where the air is less dense with 20% less WOT.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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