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Newbie - Drivetrain noises and Good repair shop/mechanic in Hartford, CT area?

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Hi all!

I just got my first ever TJ (actually my first ever 4WD car) and so far I really like it. I am trying to find out if there are any fellow TJ owners in the area and where they go when they have problems.

The main thing I want to get checked is that, when the transmission is cold, it's hard to get the second gear in (seems to be a sync problem, it grinds when I do it to fast), the issue disappears after driving for a while. I also think that the whole drivetrain (except for the engine) is pretty noisy. Not that it bothers me, I just want to make sure it's normal while the car is still under the dealer's warranty for 60 days.

It's a 2000 Sahara with the 4.0 engine and (obviously) manual transmission. Approx. 70,000 miles.

Thankful for any insights!
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You have the nv3550 or 3500 can't recall which.. in cold weather it is tough to shift until it warms up. However, it should not be making grinding sounds. Also you may hear what sounds like marbles until the clutch pedlle is pressed.. that is normal too. But certainly have it all checked out and again welcome.
Congrats on your new Jeep! Second gear shifts are a "problem" with Jeeps, it seems all years. I have an 01 and have to make sure it goes in or I miss the gear.

Noises - well, Jeeps are noisey but have someone check it out. Look for a 4X4 shop near you or join a club. There you will have lots of help.

That is low mileage.
Warm welcome....

Had the same misgivings about the '06 tj I got last July. It does the same things as yours. Even compared it with another new jeep on the dealers lot and it did the same things.

welcome to WF
Second is a little "stiff" on cold mornings until I've put it in gear 4-5 times then its "normal" again ;)

congrats on getting the Jeep and don't forget to wave
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Thanks for all the welcomes and insights. As long as it's normal (for a TJ, at least:D ) I'm good.

Thanks again for the replies!
Welcome man. My 00 TJ also has preatty noisy gearbox. When i shut it down i can hear the gears stoping as well. If im holdding the clutch when shutting it off i get no noise. When the car is runnig if i step on the clutch the noise goes away and comes back when i let go. The first thing i would do after i buy a new car is replace the oils. 200 is much better than a new tranny engine and diffs because of lack of care by the previus owner.

I've seen many people have problems shifting into the back gears 2-4-R since it presses agains the plastic around it. I'm planning sometime in the summer to remove the stock hard boot on the shifter and will be installing a softer leather boot to ease shifting. :)
welcome welcome. im located in stamford ct. im new too :) im having issues too, so maybe will both find a place to repair our jeeps.
welcome welcome. im located in stamford ct. im new too :) im having issues too, so maybe will both find a place to repair our jeeps.
Why didn't you just ask me.....???

You have had to see atleast one person in my group of friends driving around town.... Me:black YJ lifted, sitting on 33's, bushwacker fender flairs and tints on every window.... Friend: 97 green TJ, lifted on 33's.... Other friend: 94 red yj, lifted on 33's, small block v8 (you'll hear him before you see him)...... another friend: Blue YJ/ white top, barely fitting 35's

Yeah so back on topic, Extreme vehicle builders / JD's offroad up in brewster NY, only about 25mins away from me.. heres a link to their site

They will set you up right and at a good price
awesome find. im gonna have to take a ride up there.
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