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Newbie Needing help

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So I am new to the Jeep'n world. I bought a 2004 Wrangler Sahara off of a friend of the family. The body's in great shape the frames in great shape and only a hundred thousand miles. I was told the whole front end has been gone through and everything checks out. After driving it for about a half a week I got the infamous death wobbles. After I change my pants I crawled under the Jeep to start looking around to see what the issue was. He told me he had two different mechanics say everything was fine on the tie rods. Track bar looks in decent shape not new but not old. The tie rods are extremely close and at one point are rubbing when the wheels in a certain direction I found that weird. The pitman arm looks a little too long. With a stock suspension is this an aftermarket pitman arm?
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yep, thats a drop pitman arm and should be swapped out with an OEM pitman arm. take a few more pics of the suspension/steering to see if there are any other areas of concern
Welcome to the Forum, from Cave Creek AZ.
Something looks way off. Definitely would swap in an OEM length pitman arm. It also looks like your track bar mount has been lowered or extened? Everything looks way crammed from those pictures.
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Here's what mine looks like. Although mines got a 4in lift on it.


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Put a stock pitman arm back on it, make sure the track bar has ZERO play in it and do a DIY front end alignment. The draglink shouldn't be anywhere near the tie rod to rub it.

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Thanks! I got a pitman arm coming !
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