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I just recently installed the MOPAR Hard Top on my 11' Sahara. Everything is working right (sprayer, defroster) - with exception of the rear wiper. When I turn the rear wiper to on position, it moves basically as much as it feels like moving. That might be an inch, it might be all the way down. But it never will do a full pass and go back to park. I replaced the wiper switch in the column but that didn't change anything.

I went back and double-checked the wiring in the TIPM and I think everything is fine there. The only wire I have not double-checked is the one behind the instrument cluster.

Before I go ripping my dash apart to check that, I wanted to post a quick message here and see if anyone had any ideas. The only wires I know that do what for sure are the big blue/white wire which I know is defroster and the ground. The other three I'm not so sure of. So I'm not sure if there's a wire I should go back and check again, or if I should be suspecting the wiper motor as something may have got damaged in freight. I already double-checked the spliced wire in terms of continuity - I'm pretty confident there are no problems there.

Also - I did have the dealer activate the hard top. Who knows if they did it right- I didn't notice anything change.

Any advice would be MUCH appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
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