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So I am putting in a Ford 8.8 and regearing to 4.10. The boys from East Coast are local and hooking me up. I went with the SYE to help with any issues that may creep up with the offset pumpkin on the 8.8.

I want to lift next and really want to maximize my dollar. What should I look at as far as lifts. I know I will need coils and springs, but what else should I look into for 2.5 - 3 inch coils, I was considering the Zone 4.25 combo kit but with the SYE doesn't it do away with some of the "kit" items?

I was also considering the OME and or BDS.

Jeep is a hard top, (but it usually is off) and plan on heavy bumpers and a winch in the near future, along with camping gear for a 2.5 year old boy, a boxer, and my wife.... so probably the HD coils would be best???

I am planning on a 32 -33 inch tire

sorry for the ramble i am on my way out the door for work......:angel:
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