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I've go about a month old 2012 Altitude. I too have the apparent cracks on the fenders. Worse on the passenger side. Took it in to the dealer on the weekend and showed it to the service manager. He walked me out to the yard and showed me a bunch of Jeeps with the plastic fenders. Said that what I have is considered normal by Chrysler Canada and is not considered a warranty issue. I showed him the 3 pages I printed out off of this forum and he said that if people are getting the fenders painted, the dealership is paying for it and not Chrysler. He took some pics and put them in my file just incase down the road I get some peeling.

He seems like a straight dude so I guess I'll just have to trust him

On another note, my compass completely went away. The compass button does nothing.

He said that's the first time they have seen this and have order a new compass module. I hope this is not a sign of electrical things to come!!!

Dam, I love this thing but it does freak me out a little. I traded in my 1998 F-150 with 250,000 miles on it. That truck had the original clutch and exhaust. It was bullet proof. Never had it to the dealership once.

I can only hope the Jeep is half as good as the Ford. I guess I'll find out!!!
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