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The headlamp switch on YJs is weak. There have been many, many posts about this.

My best suggestion is replace the switch and find a headlamp relay conversion. Search the net or this forum for headlamp relay.

You can disassemble the headlamp switch and clean the contacts and try to clean up the bi-metal circuit breaker if you like to fiddle around. If you are more practical than a tinkerer then just buy a new switch. I think they are under $30.00.
The real key to prolonged headlamp function is to install a headlamp relay conversion. It rerouts the elictricity directly to the headlamps from the battery, rather than through the switch and then on to the headlamps.

Very important is to insure good grounds at the grill panel. I picked up a measured additional 10% in headlamp voltage simply by disconnecting the grounds at the grill panel and scrapeing away the paint and cleaning the terminals, then reattaching the grounds with a new screw and dielectric grease.

Good Luck, L.M.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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