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I currently own a 2002 Jeep Wrangler(4.0 6 cylinder).I am having/had a few problems with it.My Jeep over heated causing the head to crack.I replaced the head with a remanufactured head.I cleaned the rods and took apart the lifters and cleaned them.I clean practically all the sludge that was in the engine.My problem is my oil pressure now.I have no clue on what it causing it to drop to zero and would like some advice or suggestions with my problem.I took out the sending unit and replaced it with a oil pressure gauge(to see if my cluster was bad) and I have changed the pump to a high volume/pressure pump (to see if the the line was bad.)When the engine heats up,the oil pressure drops to zero when at an idle. I drove down the highway and the highest the gauge read was 25-30. On a cold start, the gauge reads about 40,but after running it for 5-10 minutes the pressure drops to zero.Neither changes worked and would like some suggestion or advice to my no oil pressure problem.
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